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Food production through the traditional agricultural system is resource inefficient, damaging to the environment and relies on mass labor exploitation.


farmworkers in America are undocumented laborers exploited by the farm industry for cheap labor. A profitable agricultural industry is difficult without labor exploitation.


of the water people use is used to produce water. Clean water is a scarce renewable resource that we all have to share. Traditional agricultural practices need a rethinking.


of the Earth’s high yielding farmland has been depleted since 1980. To support 9 billion people by 2050, farmers will need to balance demand with the rehabilitation of land.

our first product

Version 0 Aeroponic Grow Box.

The v0 Aeroponic Grow Box is our first product prototype. Support Ever Arable in building the next version of our grow box by buying and testing Version 0.

01. Uses aeroponic technology

Like hydroponics but better. Aeroponic technology consumes 95% less water than traditional agriculture and is better for your plant health. Plants grow faster and healthier with our technique.

02. Set it and forget it

The Version 0 has a large reservoir and can last for weeks without watering. Once set up, the plants will have everything it needs, like water, light and nutrition to grow.

03. Clean and disease free

With version 0 plants grow free of pest and disease. Grow or germinate 30 happy plants without worry. Great for beginners.

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