Reimagine the future of food.

Ever Arable is a black-owned AgTech company in the Bay Area that is solving the food crisis by designing hydroponic systems.

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Ever Arable is designing high yield, space efficient hydroponic systems. We are optimizing our systems for water efficiency and ease of use.

We host cultivation classes, where we instruct the public on how to develop hyperlocal food systems. Due to the Covid-19 Crisis, we have moved our events online, and are looking into tools such as Teachable for a more user-friendly experience.

Our services

Hydroponic Product Design

Sustainable Gardening


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Our Values

Food justice, security and resilience.

We’re building a world where 9 billion people can be fed equitably. This requires rethinking decades of agricultural systems. We’re securing our future.

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The team

“Wealth is not just about money. Access to nutritious food is also wealth.”

– Keiarra Ortiz Cedano
    Founder Ever Arable

Garrett Sohnly is an associate designer originating from Ohio who graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design with a BFA of Interior Architecture with minors of Fine Art and Creative Writing in spring of 2019. He is skilled in CAD design, prototyping, and working with professional manufacturing tools. He is currently developing the new designs for Ever Arable Plant Towers.

Garrett Sohnly


Rayyan Zahid is a chemical engineer by trade, and a marketer by passion. He is passionate about environmental sustainability, and has assisted in a variety of earth-conscious efforts. He works flexibly on marketing, visual design, and engineering. 

Rayyan Zahid