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Three billion urban dwellers in our world today stand testament to the irreplaceable function of cities in our society. By 2035, cities are expected to hold 2 more billion people. Of the three billion people today, one billion people already live below the poverty line. This number is expected to double to 2 billion by 2035.

While population is expected to double in the next ~20 years, due to the nature of cities, land area covered by cities is unlikely to scale linearly from the current 0.3 – 3.5%.

Scale, speed and scarcity are all challenges in the growing dense urban environments of cities. In addition to this, cities will be contributing directly to the challenges faced by our planet suffering from a worsening climate crisis.

However, with great challenges come great opportunities. Three young entrepreneurs in San Francisco are on a mission to save our future by tackling power, food and space in urban areas.

Join Keiarra Ortiz-Cedano, Christelle Rohaut and RJ DeLong in an hour-long panel discussion on how they are building solutions for cities to equitably maintain the quality of life for every person sustainably. Furthermore, learn how you can personally prepare for the future.

The panel discussion will be moderated by climate activist and Climate Reality Leader Rayyan Zahid who is a researcher in complex systems and holds a degree in Chemical Engineering.

Speaker Details:

Keiarra Ortiz-Cedano is the Founder of Ever Arable. Ever Arable is designing a high yield, space efficient hydroponic systems. They are optimizing agricultural systems for water efficiency and ease of use. Ever Arable places a special focus on empowering food insecure people with the means of food production. Although they happily serve all types of people, they target communities of color, people who live in dense, urban environments, and people without access to arable land.

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Christelle Rohaut is the CEO of Codi. Codi is creating the future of work by making cities more affordable for local residents and for the hundreds of millions of freelancers and entrepreneurs out there.
Christelle has been innovatively rethinking urban systems to help cities be a happier place for all. Her work involves Urban Planning & Design, Housing & Homelessness, Sustainability & Environment, IoT & Smart Cities, Participatory Budgeting & Direct Democracy, Circular & Sharing Economy. She is a Schmidt-MacArthur Fellow from the Circular Economy.

RJ DeLong is the CEO of Stellar Power Corporation. Stellar Power is a boutique financial advising and consulting company focused exclusively in the solar industry. Founded in 2010 as an investment research firm, their roots are in searching out and delivering investments to their clients that offer uniquely attractive risk vs. reward. RJ DeLong is personally interested in the potential and future of decentralizing power, giving control of a person’s energy consumption back to the people.

Moderator Details:

The moderator for the event, Rayyan Zahid is a systems thinker and a researcher in software language design at a startup in San Francisco. In light of the recent global risks, he is currently writing a book on the future of humanity. He is also a life-long global citizen of AIESEC and a member of Future Team Pakistan.
Rayyan Zahid was personally trained by former US Vice President Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project at the Global Training 2020 to serve as a Climate Reality Leader. The training was focused on providing a select group of trainees with a deep understanding of the science of climate change, the impacts of the climate crisis, and the solutions to the crisis. The training also builds skills in public speaking, communication strategies, community outreach, and organizing.
He is one of over 20,000 trained Climate Reality Leaders from over 150 countries. The Climate Reality Leadership Corps has been extraordinarily successful at reaching people in their communities and informing them about the climate crisis and the solutions – local, national, and global – that we can all start supporting now.
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  • September 26, 2020 10:00 am   -   11:30 pm
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